Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Djehkäujaa Humanoid Zeppelin Vintage Storyboards Concepts 002

Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman ©2016

Djehkäujaa Humanoid Zeppelin Vintage Storyboards Concepts 002

Like I've said, these are not the greatest storyboards. they also don't "flow" "correctly"... plus, my inking skills are terrible.

I had to ink these to shove them into my portfolio, to graduate, only to have them pulled and re-inserted, and pulled out multiple times by jerk, sexist instructors.

back then, inking was the rule... but, also, back then, storyboards were almost entirely done in blue pencil... I don't know whether that's still done today, but it's maddening. Blue is often non-repro and won't scan very well, because scanners and photocopiers have trouble seeing it. they also fade really fast, unlike red pencils which last.

This is my FAVORITE PART of the entire film/story!

This concept is pretty old, and I first started it in 1998. As you can see the 2 sketches above which I drew in Lewes Delaware after I came back to the USA from Germany, but I first dreamed it up around June-July when I was graduating high school in NJ, and then went strait into my Animation Scholarship Summer program at the UARTS in Philadelphia. I actually sketched this on the square, hard covered sketch-books they gave us from the UARTS. I actually started these sketches in Philly, probably in July, but never finished them until August... looks like a few days before I turned 19.

I was supposed to start at AIPH that week, but they screwed up my paperwork and I couldn't start until January... (the story of my life... always delays... and someone screwing something up...)

I actually drew up these rough storyboards/concepts on my own, and not as a school project... but, I had to shove them into being a project, kinda, at portfolio time... hence the reason why they are inked... and I HATE the inking!

Or course I would LOVE to redo them, eventually... however, I don't have the music composed for it yet. I think I will actually incorporate 2 songs here.

The first little song bit will be short and light, probably THIS SONG [demo]:

But, HERE are the Lyrics I WROTE for the song I want her to sing.

There's another part after this which I just haven't even storyboarded.

She will briefly meet back up with her dragon pack/flock and it will be a musical dramatic piece, and they will all part. they do all mutually miss her, but she isn't allowed to return yet.

That actually is what really shifts her to be motivated to do the right thing she believes in, and really becomes determined.

However, since the dragons reproached her and caused this, the direction she goes in actually puts a spotlight on her, which goes against their other fundamentalist ideas... So, they will try to lure her back... they'd originally intended it to be punitive and judged her as "not ready to return yet" because she was supposed to be "learning a lesson"... however, she actually learns far beyond their mental framework of thinking, and overcomes that...

They try to stop her from getting involved, and even welcome her back to distract her... but, she evolves beyond it, and sees past the extremes of what was originally meant to be safety and concern, and became stifling. After that, she will be able to shape-shift on her own.

Then, She and Lively can confront the main villain/antagonist.

I want the music to have a distinctly 90s European techno 4/4 beats sound/feel/vibe, but somewhat like a ballad.

I'm not sure whom I would pick to be the singing voice... I would probably want someone whom could sing like the late Melanie Thornton, may she rest in peace.

Love you and miss you Melanie!

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