Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Lively Exotic Motion Graphics Affects Animation in Adobe After Effects CC 2018

 Here's the original graphic circa. 2008:

GIF version on DeviantArt

I'd ESPECIALLY wanted to make THIS ONE into a motion graphics/effects animation video with Adobe After Effects. This one I DEFINITELY could NOT pull of in Premiere. I used the Puppet Pin tool feature to animate the curtains. But, I definitely had to update the graphic to a size for HD. I did this with the "Fallen" graphic as well. Honestly, it's just way better to do this in Adobe After Effects than Premiere Pro.

This composition is generally WAY different than my usual stuff. I'm WAY dynamic as an artist, os much drawings are way more animated, in motion, etc. This one is still. It's actually SO rare in my art that I went through my gallery looking for ANYTHING still enough to add effects animation/motion graphics so it wouldn't look like a frozen person, or a sticker on a video.

Adobe After Effects CC 20018

Original Artworks can be found in my gallery HERE on DeviantArt.

At the time when I did this one I was studying dance especially raqs sharqi & tribal fusion (belly dance). I studied every day, because I was suffering from depression, and it made me stop feeling sad or painful. But, I eventually hurt my back.

Several of my influences were people like 1 of my teachers, Zoe Jakes, but also other members of the Belly Dance Super Stars & The Indigo like: Rachel Brice, Sharon Kihara, Mardi Love, Kami Liddle, Cherchez La Femme (Sherri), Ansuya, Sadie, Ariellah, Vagabond Princess.  There's so many, really! But, also the legendary Mata Hari. Virtually ALL of them drew inspiration from her, and antique silent films, as well as Star Wars, Star Trek, and comic books.

 I'd been drawing furries for the longest time, and wanted to get back to human figures, and especially my own original characters BEFORE the internet had influenced me to change.  So, I started doing several bellydancer images with my own character, Lively.

Lively is a brunet, ranging from browns to black, but I've had her in various colored hair such as blue, indigo, purple, and green, usually a darker color. Just NEVER BLOND. Her skin tone can also range in many hues from fair-skin which is something I started doing as I got older, but originally she was either tanned, bronzed, or olive skin. So, this is 1 of several of her incarnations.
Original Sketch

Fallen - Motion Graphics - Effects Animation in Adobe After Effects 2018

The Original Graphic:
Original Graphic

I reworked, re-painted, re-colored, and edited this in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 & Adobe After Effects CC 2018 last week.
Some are longer Meditative loops, and it's basically my process as I was tweaking it:

Here's the original version I did several years ago:

You can find this on my DeviantArt Gallery.

I was suffering from very bad depression, AKA Heartbreak, and around 2009 was when I was going through some major changes within myself. That year I'd realized that many persons whom I'd believed were my friends, were not actually friends, but "friends", or fake friends. I'd also been going through some doubts about whatever my beliefs were, or what I'd thought they were. I'd already known that the government and political system was already flawed and broken, and you didn't need to watch X-FILES to know that... but, the new president at the time, whom I was very happy to have elected, had broken several of his promises, but talking about that made you persona non grata. It was also the aftermath of the Bail-Outs and the economic meltdown. I'd wanted to be at CAL-ARTS by that time, but was screwed by the economy.
Since governments, relationships, society, and even history came into question, things like religion, spirituality, and theology also did.... things just weren't adding up.... accountability was an actual thing. And, I became very enamored with Philosophy, ethics, and epistemology.

I remembered sitting at out cart/kiosk in the mall, with my sketchbook, trying in vain to sketch something. ANYTHING! And, NOTHING came out. It was THE MOST depressing thing! To be an artist, and award winning one, and not being able to draw. I cried EVERY DAY and at night. And, the ache was in EVERYTHING. Sometimes, I didn't eat.

I had NOTHING to look forward to, and all ANYONE ever had to say about ANYTHING was: Your daughter -blah-blah-blah... that NEVER cheered me up. It's a VERY sexist assumption, and I don't know whether it's worse from women or from men... but, I got it on all sides.

Then, out of nowhere, I gave up sketching, and just randomly doodled something only to have THIS show up on my paper.

I'd used this artwork for an album cover on 8Tracks.

The Original Sketch:

If you would like to create your own experimental graphic with these, color it in Photoshop, or print out and hand-color whether for fun, practice, or educational purposes you MAY do that, but NOT FOR PROFIT. I did license the sketch versions to the Creative Commons so you could do that.

Lively Unicorn Morph Animation Adobe After Effects Redux

I've reworked this to be closer to what I was actually, originally going for when I'd first produced it back in 2000-2001 in Adobe After Effects.

The original was hand-drawn by hand, and also the clean-up animation was hand-inked, then manually scanned & cleaned in Photoshop 5.0, 5.5, and 6.0 with my old, original, Canon scanner.

Old Version 2001/2005:


With Fog:

DeviantArt GIF

Older Version from Older versions of Adobe After Effects 2000-2005 & 3D Studio Max:

Friday, December 15, 2017

Spring n Summer Animation Tests: Lively 001

You know, last Semester (Spring Semester at UMASS Boston) I really did have quite a number of very nice animation concepts. Really I did. But, other people, and broken promises get in the way.

Here were some of the rough animation test I did, trying to learn some animation programs during the summer:

I had also cleaned up some old vintage pencil-test animation. Most of these were created at the U-ARTS Philadelphia from about 1996-1998. and the AIPH one was about 1999-2001(somewhere around there)

You know, it's just REALLY too bad that I couldn't really do what I actually wanted to do, and frequently had to compromise.

My original idea was a more stylized version of or own artistic interpretation for THIS clip form the 1980s:

I can actually DEFINITELY make that happen NOW. And, I probably will. I need to wrap up the "Maple Bacon" animated short I'm doing for my own animated independent film "Ying Qilin" with my daughter first, and I'm also a DP on another live action film "The Holy Maple Tree" in Brockton.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Inktober: Djehkäujaa Doodles at UMASS Boston

The huge, main bulk of my Inktober this year was of Djehkäujaa. I was obsessed with drawing her profile in her humanoid form. I can feel her coming forth in a new more streamlined design, but I can't quite decide on it yet. I definitely need to do more Life Drawing croquis.

I barely had any free time at all, and i was frequently stressed out. She ended up being doodled on virtually all of my notes, and my homework.

I was almost i pain at ties because the muses were just poking at me, and I couldn't sit still. I was obsessing about it for days, and all throughout the day, and evening back in October and November. the sketches aren't that great, but at times it was like I was really reaching it, and HER. THERE SHE IS. But, I couldn't quite catch it, or reach her. I also wanted to give her eyelashes a remake, and make them thinker and bolder. I was also frequently rethinking how I wanted her hair to be. Much like Lively she has a lot of freedom in her hair design and can be full, flat, wavy and part anywhere.

I was trying to get in touch with one of my idols. (I'm sure you might know who), but also my old teacher from AIPH. Ths also fueled my sketching fever back I Sept-October.

I was trying to get an Open Life Drawing "Club" started, which I might actually still do, sponsored and registered to the University. But, I suffered from burn-out so badly while also trying to manage 4 full academic classes, AND a work study job in biology, PLUS commuting. It was KILLING ME. So, I had to let it go in October.

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