Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Djehkäujaa Dragon Vintage Storyboards Concepts 001


I've finally scanned these old vintage storyboards I did. I did these back when i was in college. the scene ideas had already been in my mind since about 1998, but they really started to become something in 1999 when I was in college in Philadelphia full time.

I learned a lot from an animation teacher, Sam, whom got fired.

Unfortunately, they don't actually "flow" "correctly" the way storyboards are supposed to... So, there's sort of fragmented... if anything, they seem to "cut" much like a music video style of editing would....

But, I want this piece to flow just right. Its especially meaningful to me. Also, this scene is crucial to other plot pivoting points in the story line.

Here is the rough acrylic painting version I just recently did:

And, here's the boards as they currently are:

I will eventually need to redo them.... however, I don't have the music for it composed. I feel that I will NEED that music in order to create the piece effectively. I want a whole song/musical part.

I want a song that is similar to this style, but I want to have something totally new composed:

I want this scene to convey the free spirited fun-loving personality of Djehkäujaa, my dragon character. However, she sneaks away form the pack/flock of the other dragons, whom have become fundamentalist isolationists, whom would frown upon her inter-species relationships/friendships with "silly creatures".

Djehkäujaa's openness in playing with dolphins and other fun-loving playful creatures plays an important part in the story much later on in the story...

There's a reason why the dragons are so rigid and isolationist... but, their stubborn rigidness will backfire... there's a lot of backfiring in this story...

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