Friday, April 24, 2015

Nixies Inspired (2 Tailed Mermaids)

I keep intending to do my blog entry about my "Black Unicorn" symbolism, and then finally, a following entry on the whole Black UniGryphon symbolism... but, I keep getting sick every few weeks. It's enough to make me crazy. But, in truth the one about the Black Unicorn will take quite a long time, and no doubt take at least a whole day, or longer just to type up... and quite a lot of energy...

Regardless, I've been busting from the seems this month despite being sick twice. I gotta go back AGAIN to the doctor tomorrow...

But, I've already written a bit on my Main Art Blog. <----<<<

This is a bit of a spin-off from my oldest project/concept which is my "Eyewitness" endeavor.
Artistic DirectI cannot express my absolute, and utter distressing paranoia, nor what it feels like other than panicky, of someone trying to steal or rip-off my ideas on a corporate level, or even a community level, before I ever get a chance to do anything with my own ideas... and I've seen it happen a number of times already.... and I do not want to get into the details of it either... because their are legal issues with "inspired by" which is a legal way of taking someone else's ideas.

I feel less panicked about my Eyewitness project because people gloss over it, and can;t think so much in concepts that tend to brows the internet... it just looks like a mess of stuff to people, because they can't see the whole picture... also since I tend to keep most of the ideas, stories, and concepts to myself...

But, my double tailed mermaids/nixies/Melusine stuff really catches the eyes of people... another reason why I ONLY publish rough and unfinished versions of it...
Despite my paranoia, the inspirations for this newer directions of this stuff has been taking on its own life, growing and expanding all year, but especially since March and early in April...

I just kept seeing the images inside my mind... some were vague, and then they kept floating around in my mind, and I became lost in day-dreams, and the little Nixies would become more... It would just seem that as they kept swirling about in my mind, while I lay sick in bed, I kept having the urge to draw or sketch, and kept fighting it... but, the more I fought it, the more it continued until I finally had to sketch something....

I figured nothing would happen, and I'd just scratch around with my pencil.... but, I began researching all kinds of images to help me reach my potential visions to pour out onto the page...

This was the one that really wanted to come out, big time. This was on my mind the entire month, and there is much more to the scene (think cinematic and animation). But, I spent over half a day on it, and expected to me done with it......

But, the ideas had ideas of their own... and next thing I knew, yet another sketch came out....

This is only a quick gesture sketched page which only took a few min to do, but I was shocked at how easily it just HAPPENED onto the page... I've been so out of practice, so I was shocked that anything at all would happen!

But the "energy" and the momentum of the whole situation just kept swirling about me, like a vortex....

and, it was as tho' any video, or peice of media I'd come across would be JUST THE THING to sparck something else from it, and me.

My original concept had JUST been about a short musical piece with the Nixies as a small animated short for my "Eyewitness" project. I wasn't sure exactly HOW I would fit it in, but I had some vague ideas... on the other hand, I still wanted to do my own version of a Fantasia like the one from 1940. But, yet again, I had no clue about how I ought to EVER do that.....yet.

But, this whole Nixie thingy is starting to become its own version of a Fantasia-like performance of short performances....

I have a number of other concepts, and they ALL involve music. I already have very clear concept of how I want the music to sound, be composed, and a number of details.

And, what came very abruptly full force into my mind was a concept for my Diva Nixie Melusine.

She isn't quite done yet, but, she is getting there...

She will be very large, and like a Colossus, and bronze with dark "big hair' which is VERY CURLY and bushy, and very voluptuous, with muscular arms, and preform (effects animation) magic theatrical tricks with minimal animation on herself.
I almost even have the words of the main song she will sing.

I want her to have a voice similar to Alison Moyet.

I also have a "black and white" piece I want to do, which will take a while to work out.

I also wish my Nixies to be viewed as ART, and not low-brow cheap trash.

If I had my ultimate wish I would create my full length theatrical version and premiere it in Vienna, with a full orchestra symphony with electronic components, and dancers.

I have concepts for animated shorts, a theatrical full length version, and a mini-series version, as well as a "kid friendly" version. But, also as a live dance show/concert version with 2 types; a dressed down version, and a full theatrical, dramatic version with props, and puppets.


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Monday, April 20, 2015


OMG! Who the heck is this chick, Blake Lively??? Her birthday is 2 days before mine, and Lively isn't even her real name, but articles called her by name as "Lively"!

Apparently, her real name is Blake Ellender Brown! 

And, she's a hair bleacher!!!!! ARG!!!!! 

Hey! No stealing my stuff! I made my character, and her name back in Middle school in the early 1990s! 


I've never even heard of any of these movies, either! No wonder I've never heard of this chick! 

I'm SO MAD!!!!!!!!! 
I'm the original!