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Old Vintage Rough Sketches n Doodles of Djehkäujaa 001

Let's be very clear about this: There are not 2 Djehkäujaas, there is 1! 

Djehkäujaa is a DRAGON! 

See? She's a DRAGON!!!! 

But, then she screws up REALLY BAD... and THEN she's a Humanoid!

Actually, she looks just like a human, and smells very much like one, and there's actually a number of VERY FUNNY indirect things because of that!

Even tho' I DO NOT intend this to be a comedy, there's several FUNNY bits in the story, all about her!

For one, her name is Djehkäujaa... but, most people can't pronounce her name correctly!

So, not only does she hate being a human, and looks so much like a human, but the humans can;t pronounce her name! She gets REALLY MAD!

OK, for English speaking people It sounds like "Jeh-koy-yaa"

See the double "aa" at the end of her name? That is a Looooong held vowel.

But, for many Germanic language speaking people, they can ALL pronounce her name correctly! ^_^

If you've EVER taken basic lessons in standard High German (Hoch Deutsch) then you WILL be able to pronounce the name, ;P

It's kind of a parody of my own name (Kandice) since people often mispronounce it when I'm in other countries, or in America, people often my write my name and spell it some other way. In Germany, NO ONE AT ALL could pronounce my name, not in Nederland! SO I had to write my name like this: Kändiß or Kändiss... but, even when I wrote it THAT WAY the "i" as they pronounce it would become "ee" like Kandeess... or they would call me "Ken-diss".

Literally, my brother, father, and grand father are named Ken! WTF!?

And, in China, kandice becomes "Kan de si" which means "Able To Hack To Death".
Oh, great! :-/

Then, that was changed to "Kai di se" which kinda means something like "Hey! Fetch me some silk, yo!" or something...  But, I don't like THAT because in German "Kai" is a MAN'S NAME!!!!!

After reading a number of Chinese novels, and watching untold numbers of Kung Fu movies, and Chinese daytime & prime time soap operas... I was like Screw this!

I need a Chinese name. the Ming Zi standard kind. Not this dumb creepy or dorky foreigner sounding name.

So, my ACTUAL Chinese name is 任思麒 Ren SiQi.  There's a whole long story about that also....
AND, I'm SURE u can't pronounce it either!  LOL! XD

It's also a name I can use in other parts of South Asia, including Japan, Korea, and Indonesian areas where they use written Chinese, but all pronounced totally differently.

Another funny thing is her wings and tail...

Well.... she doesn't always have them..... she also doesn't know why.... (I do, tho')

When she first becomes a humanoid, she still has them, but they "burn away" like acid... Poof!

She's, of course, devastated & traumatized by this.... BECAUSE SHE'S A DRAGON.

But, then, they randomly can come back, painfully, and just pop right up... often at THE WORST MOMENTS... so, there's some comedy in there...

When Djekäujaa is a dragon, she's so free spirited that she's reckless and careless. But, as a Humanoid she's SO EMO, glum, depressed, or stern, because she's SO DEVASTATED, regretful, humiliated, and lost. Like grief within grief.

Also, she was never supposed to be among humans, and was originally very curious about them, but being stuck as a humanoid form is so revolting to her, because she thought so highly of herself as a DRAGON. And, she will tell you: I AM A DRAGON!

However, being stuck as a human form, means she must adapt... and, altho' she resents it at first, knowing dragons SHE LIKES SHINY THINGS! ....oh... and SHE Starts to get a MAJOR SHOE COLLECTING FETISH!

So, more and more, she starts to take on a lot of characteristics of a human woman, like going CRAZY for SHOES!

Old Vintage Sketches of Lively 001

I've been going through a lot of my old sketchbook stacks looking for sketches of Djehkäujaa, but Lively is apart of that picture/story. I found a lot of stuff, and, some is terrible. I just want to scan it and show it, or put it out there, to prove its REALLY MINE.

Lively, herself, is is some ways like my own personal "Mickey Mouse", so to speak... to put it in an analogy:

Mickey Mouse is to Disney, 
as Lively is to Kandice Zimbleman/BlackUniGryphon. 

I have been writing stories of Lively even before I even named her. I wrote stories about her in Middle School since at least the 6th grade, often as spooky stories, Halloween stories, ghost stories, or almost Alice in Wonderland or Oz type stories of stumbling into another world, or an unusual circumstance. She was a Disney princess, American Style Marvel Comics super hero/heroine, Star Trek science officer, etc.... But, in some ways she was like me, in the same way that playing with barbie dolls is also an extension of yourself.

I definitely played with Barbie dolls, My Little Pony, She-Ra action figures and I LOVED TO PLAY WITH Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles and X-MEN action figures! I had 3 brothers, and my cousins in Pennsylvania were both boys. The only neighbor kids we could play with on my street growing up were also only boys.

It was because of Star Trek TNG and X-MEN then Lively became 2 girls for a long time, throughout Middle School, and early in High School, named Hedrol & Kestrel/Kestra. She also had a friend whom lived in the woods that was named Osprey that was a Hippie that lived in the woods.

By the mid 1990s I felt Kestrel & Hedrol were too unoriginal, and too much like Marvel Comics & Star Trek and I often got nasty criticisms from some boy artists I knew in my town. So, I took out the wild stuff of Kestrel and stuff with the more trendy 90s fashions, yet some earthy adventurousness, and Lively began to really become something for real... at least to me, she was...

Some non-artists in high school, or ones I knew from middle school, would ask me: Who is that girl? 

What girl?

That girl you always draw? 

I thought it was a strange question for a non-artists, and so many of them, to keep having the effrontery to ask me such a thing! Why did she need a name? And, I also felt I clearly drew different girls at times.... 

This annoyed me... and many of my best ideas were things that annoyed me during Spring Break. Every single artistic breakthrough, or new thing I came up with always was during a Spring Break... except for Senior Year in High school...

I've told the story before, but Lively is a person full of life, and this was LONG BEFORE Pocahontas was a Disney film! But, I got the name from the REAL Princess Pocahontas which in her language means "Lively" or "Frolicsome". Or "full of life".

Lively is everyone's friend, a kind person, a strong person, and not held by gender boundaries. IN some ways like what the brand Barbie was meant to be.



I HATED the idea when I was a kid that BLOND was beautiful! That I wasn't GOOD ENOUGH as just me. I was also a fat kid in middle school.

I happen to think Brunette is BEAUTIFUL.

AND, Lively shall FOREVER be a Brunette BEAUTY. But, I have depicted her in different colored hair: black, brown, dark red, blood red, red brown, purple, blue, dark green, and anything DARK. NO WHITE or BLOND., and NO PINK! NO F@#$ING WAY!

I pretty much kept my hair as either natural or the occasional black in college because I F@#$ING HATED THIS PUSHED IDEA THAT EVERYONE NEEDS TO BLEACH THEIR DAMNED HAIR! Fuck ur chemicals! I grew out my hair long, natural for the most part, and if I ever used color in my hair it wasn't permanent.

Fuck ur made-up marketing slogan "blonds have more fun"!
Because I had more dates, offers, male flirtings, hook-ups and more, and I never once bleached my hair!

I also wasn't racist, and was pretty equal opportunity in dating & hooking up with a diverse amount of men. The whole idea of "the all American" was so disappointing to me... And, yes, I even hooked up with sexy secular Muslim men in college. And, it was rather nice. :)

I kept getting Animation Scholarships at the UARTS in Philly in high school since I was a Sophomore. The animation teacher, Lowel Boston, kept giving me them, and they kept getting bigger and better... they often gave them to me TOO LATE, so I had to wait a semester or whatever.

After having gone almost EVERY SATURDAY (when I was actually enrolled into the classes) I already KNEW all of the Saturday classes' lessons, so I wanted to do my own thing. Many of the students already did whatever they wanted anyway, and the teacher Lowel was fine with that. So, I wanted to actually try to many something. that's when Lively began to really become a permanent thing in my life from then on.

Much of her distinct looks started at the UARTS, or when I was at home, designing stuff for my next projects to work on at the UARTS on the Penciltest Machine!

Animation is the greatest joy of my entire life! 

 Lively also helped me (metaphorically) create Djehkäujaa. Towards the end of high school, I don't know why, but I became SO ENAMORED with dragons! I went through a dragon phase as a little kid for a while, and also in 6th-7th grade.... But, dragons became such a thing with me, that I put them on my clothes, and next thing I knew fashions in 1999-2002 had Chinese dragons all over them for girls/women.

I could already FEEL a setting forming in my mind... and I already had my concept for "Eyewitness" starting... but, I didn't know what to do with it....

When I went to AIPH my friends Shannon & Kyle and their network of friends were all designing characters, and creating all kinds of wonderful things! Then, my characters really started to become a lot more to them.

And, my Character Design class with Don Bluth/Disney Animator, Sam Bullock, really made me develop the characters, and the stories.

Among the many things I wrote for Lively, including "Eyewitness", and the still Untitled Dragon Project, I wrote a little series for her called "Lively's Mini Unicorn" which is actually very funny and cartoonist, but also depicts the free spirit of Lively. I would like to rewrite some of it actually, but also to finish it. It's a totally different story than the Untitled Dragon Project, but a similar setting and place... I could easily see it as a novel series, but also as a manga (Japanese style comic book/graphic novel).

I'd published different versions of the first 3 chapters online on various websites since the early GW Bush era, then rewrote it and added new chapters on my Deviant Art gallery around 2005 or so... I actually really like the basis of the story. Its a mix of a few different influences from the time period, and it's both whimsical, magical, and silly. But, I think I want to remove some of the neo-pagan "spiritual" parts...

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Dragon Project UNTITLED... still....

Dragon Project UNTITLED.... 

This bothers me quite a bit... I've had titles for this project, a number of times, only to change them... for a long time I had it titled "Guardian" or "Guardian Angel" because of something my mother said... or even "Dark Angel"... but, then, in October 2000 a TV show came out called that starting Jessica Alba! I was PISSED!

But, I don't want to call it ANYTHING like I'd called it already...

I've been writing out several possible titles, and have changed my mind several times...

I have a few things that I'm kinda leaning towards tho'... It reminds me of Taoist ideas/concepts....

So, I sat here at my desk today with my notebook open, and I started to feel somewhat like Jia Baoyu trying to figure out something with Chinese characters for a chéngyǔ, or something to do with poetry, or naming a doorway or a room, or a pavilion. (Chinese stuff) Or, perhaps even the author himself, Cao Xueqin....

Apparently, he wrote (as the legend goes) the manuscript for 紅樓夢 Hónglóu Mèng in abject poverty as a destitute person from a very educated high level wealthy background... I've never fully understood the entire complexity of his life, and I've read, heard, and watched, so many carrying versions of who he was, and why he wrote the novel, including different official versions by the People's Republic of China central government.

(Oh, but, wait... here's the part where now that it's 2016, and I mentioned something from another culture that's not my born culture, showing my interest and affection for other cultures, and literature, I have to go on and on about how I could never ever liken myself to them, because if and when i don;t and a person with a different ethnicity or skin color than mine notices it, and might actually know what those things meant, and actually understand the point, actually wants me to suck up, or bow down, or else they get to slander me with "cultural appropriation" labels, because even tho' being open minded and openly excepting of other cultures back in 20002 when I first read the stuff was seen as good, now even doing yoga and not being East Indian means your racist... I have NO IDEA how these things even make any sense... I dunno... if I were anti whatever race, and pro my own, even tho' I'm actually a mongrel, wouldn't my NOT reading other culture's literature make me racist or ethnocentric? Whatever... I used Baoyu as an EXAMPLE since I equate all great world literature as EQUALLY good in the context of THE ENTIRE WORLD and HISTORY... thus, I used the example... and I AM NOT SORRY. I'm a Cosmopolitan. But, of course, you could write your angry comments because you got your panties crumpled up in a bunch, drowning in adrenaline and amygdala overload if you wanted... or you could just 忍 and get back to the subject... OK, whatever... you hate me, you jumped to conclusions... does that help you? 忍 )

My spouse (Wang Li) and I have discussed similar things before many many times... in fact just getting my Chinese name was one of those Taoist things... Tao (actually called "Dao" in Chinese) means "The Way" or just "way".

It's like having n idea or a destination, or a goal, or something you want to get to... but, you can;t get there until YOU GO THE WAY, or FIND THE WAY, or TAKE THE WAY... sometimes its described as "a path" or a a "flow" or a "river" or a "channel" (again meaning river of stream).

But, it's very illusive, and enigmatic... because even Laozi (Lao Tzu) said "The Way that can be named is not The Way" or also put 'The Tao that can be named is not The Tao."

I'm certainly no Li Bai.... so I can't come up with something on the spot... which is odd, because for usually everything I've ever created, having a Title for it was simple, easy, and happened right away... either it just CAME TO ME, or with a slight bit of work, I CAME TO IT.

Yet, for those things, those circumstances, or even for those persons, that was THEIR WAY, that was THE WAY for THEM... but that is NOT MY WAY, ergo I CANNOT GO THEIR WAY, nor THOSE WAYS... because it is NOT THE WAY for THIS... See what I mean???

It's an enigma.

I want it to express a feeling but also an idea... but, also almost abstract, only NOT abstract... But, it can't be TOO LONG, and it CAN'T be TOO SHORT...

And, here's the brain-picker of it all: I'm not even a Taoist! But, even if I were Taoist, calling myself a Taoist would be like saying I wasn't really a Taoist... I also don't want to be a Taoist... and yet, it's still of great interest to me. HOW WEIRD IS THAT?
It's practically ZEN! Yeesh! It's like a Chan/Zen Koan! WTF???

You know what's strange about it, if/when I think about it?

The project its self is very female or feminine... and yet the pondering and contemplation of it all, the perplexing aspects of me, almost seem male or masculine... WTF??? But, it's still me.

So, I sit there, with my notebook, and the crappy pen, running out of ink the I got as a freebie at South Field at some Open House thingy a few years ago... and, it all just sort of seems to feel like it's all just swirling around me, somewhere, invisible, and I'm trying to make it work, like an engineer, or an inventor in a laboratory... but of dreams, and poems, and fantasy... Ain't dat some shit? 

I have a few things in mind... but, I'm not 100% sold on any of them yet... sometimes I just need to mull it over for a while... but, it bothers me so much that I don't have a title yet... 

At the same time.... I'm not sure what to do with it all.....it all seems to be moving, and shifting... 

I also DON'T CARE about MAKING MONEY from it! I just want to gag at the idea of doing the thing for MONEY and profit as my motive! 
Unless, someone is trying to steal it, and/or rip me off, then I'm raining down, thunder, lighting, fire, wrath, and HELL! 

The idea of NOT doing anything for money, profit, fame, or self grandiosity is somehow a crazy idea in the USA, or the world we live in. Well, the internet was NOT started to make money at all! Everything I did on the internet as a kid had NOTHING to do with any of those things! It was JUST BECAUSE WE LOVED AND ENJOYED whatever we were interested in, and we SHARED IT with the WORLD WIDE WEB.  

Sure, everyone either need to make money, or wants to make more.  But, I'm just SO TIRED! I don't CARE anymore! It's just SO EMPTY! 

I just want to keep me, and keep who I am.  Even as changes happen, and I'm changing, I'm still me... and I still want to keep that. I don;t want to be SOMEONE ELSE that isn't me. 

And, I want the title to my project to MEAN SOMETHING.  

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The First Unicorn Horn Girl Artist On The Internet EVER: Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman

The First Unicorn Horn Girl Artist On The Internet EVER: Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman

Hi! I'm Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman-Wang AKA "Black UniGryphon" AKA "BlackUniGryphon" AKA "ZBlackUnicorn", A.K.A. 烏獨角獸, A.K.A. 任思麒.

I've been going through my old sketches, and THIS right here was THE FIRST EVER depiction of a women/girl with an "alicorn" (the correct term for the horn of a unicorn) on her forehead.

I've been using the internet since the early 1990s, and we even got our first home computer the Apple Macintosh Power PC 6200 in 1994, in Mount Laurel NJ.

Since we first got our computer at home I already KNEW how to use the internet at school, and knew what a web browser, and a search engine were. generally, back then, we used various search engines, type in "key words" and klick search. I used: E-World, America Online (AOL), Web Crawler, and tons of others. I didn't start to use Yahoo until 1996 or 1997.

I LOVED UNICORNS! The only thing I loved as mush as UNICORNS back then was Star Trek, X-FILES, Marvel Comics, Kung Fu movies, and TECHNO (or synth pop).

I also remember when Amazon.com was a new company. They only sold ONE ITEM: BOOKS. Then, one day they started to sell CDs!!!! *gasp* Including imports... some of them... otherwise u had to show at Tower Records.

I graduated High School in June 1998, went to the Philly UARTS, the to AIPH and graduated in May 2001 (before September 11th 2001).

So, let's put this into perspective, I KNEW every single Unicorn community whether English, German, or in Countries where people spoke multiple languages. I KNEW the webmasters, I knew the communities, the webpages, the "web-rings", boards, etc... I KNEW all the young artists, and Generation X people, and the younger ones coming up at the time.

If there was something NEW coming out, I KNEW about it.

But, there is NO ONE whom can claim to be the first one EXCEPT FOR ME. It was me.

I also ran my own groups... I think my E-Group might still be somewhere on Yahoo... among other thing yahoo gobbled up n dismantled... Geocities, etc...

I created all kinds of graphics too.

Also, back in the day, people did this stuff for fun, and NOT FOR MONEY. What a concept! People also didn't fight, they got along, talked things out, and followed rules... we also shared EVERYTHING.

Back in the day I went by the Alia "ZBlackUnicorn", "BlackUnicorn" or "EbonyUnicorn".

Yes. It is true. I am the original.

Eventually I got sucked into Furries/Anthos because I was obsessed with Dragons & Gryphons also!

I think my VCL gallery is still up under "ZBlackUnicorn" if you want to have a look.

So, I did a ton of art and graphics all over the internet, including unicorns, Gryphons, and techno fan pages.

2002 remake: 

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Dragon Scans (So Far)

Scanning old vintage sketches, character design, and concept art...

I've torn apart my house looking for my old sketches of Djehkäujaa.

In case you haven't noticed yet, she's a dragon. But, she also has a humanoid form, and there's a reason for that.

Unfortunately, trying to find all my of best work of her is very difficult, and have serious trouble trying to find them!

Luckily, I found some of her character design head sketches. 

I've scanned a number of the sketches in high resolution, and I've been cleaning up some, and publishing them to my DeviantArt gallery.

In honor of post the sketches of her her, I'd like to include this song by the German band "Scooter" called "The First Time" which if you listen to the song, the mood is very much an inspiration to this concept work, and her. The mood very much captures some of what I want for my project, in 1 part. Actually, I feel a number of vintage 1990s (Eurodance, techno, trance, electronica) European music (some Japanese inspiration also) inspires me intensely in the creation of this, where as my "Eyewitness" project is more of a UK synth pop music inspiration and some modern fusion stuff from California.

I really loved the old vintage Scooter music, even tho' I believe all of it is good over the years. Their band members have changed a number of times. Usually, their music has the vocals of HP Baxter, but this one does not.

Even tho' I generally have a major major dislike for "Drum N Bass" styles of garage music, this one is more of a Euro Trance style. the mood it has, keeping the composition simple but with layers of sound effects in the arrangement effectively expresses the mood. Also, the female vocal with a foreign accent adds to that haunting & strange yet beautiful mood feeling...

I would also recommend that  if you are not sober, to be careful when listening to this song, because it's a very moving experience that you will not experience while sober.

However, I felt I wanted, and the project its self wanted, to have and make an entirely new and original song in a slightly similar style, but totally new and original. I would prefer my new version to probably be either a 2-step rhythm (dub step) instead of drum n base, or just Psy Trance style with 4/4 beats....

Also, I feel I might like a slight touch of Eastern fusion into it...Scooter had a down tempo single "She's The Sun" which had some Eastern fusion in it... but, a totally different style. t.A.t.U. has a slight bit of that Eastern fusion vibe in the song "Stars"
If you like Eastern Fusion music, you might like Stellamara or their remixes, or Temple Step Project, or Beats Antique. However, I feel this old Scooter track style and mood fit it better than those which are either too hard, too soft, or a different mood altogether.

If the song and the sketches don't seem to make any sense to you, or seem unrelated, or you don;t understand it. let me put it to you this way:

Imagine you were a dragon all of your life, and then you screwed up really bad, and found yourself totally alone in the desolate wilderness like the plains of Mongolia, far away from anything and anyone familiar to you....  bewildered, lost and confused, and even you were not the same.... your body is not the same.... and, you look down into pond of water and see your face, as not your face.... as a different face that you didn't recognize... 

No one to help you, no one to recognize you, and nothing will ever be the same ever again.... not even you. 

Here are the High Resolution Scans that I somewhat cleaned-up.

These sketches here aren't very good. they're very terrible rough doodles, and they also didn't scan very well either, nor clean-up very well for that matter...

Blue Fairy World Melody (demo) MUSIC

The Story of This Melody/Song:

The basic story is this:

When I was 6 years old, in the 1980s, my family had moved to a new house in Mount Laurel NJ (from Willingboro NJ to Levit Town PA, then to Mt. Laurel) . That summer our neighbors, Mr. & Mrs. Blue has a summer party. It was sometime either the end of June or Early July, and they often invited tons of their relatives that I can recall. they were about 80-90 years old. I don't specifically recall.

During that party I went inside the house and was playing with the kids, and then I think it was a man, asked me if I wanted to play on the piano. I actually didn't know how to play. But, when I looked at the piano it was like a magical moment, and I felt as tho' the piano was calling to me. So, I immediately went over to the piano and sat down.

I had a VERY wild imagination as a child, that it was REALLY A HUGE PROBLEM in school, and when I was very very little I thought I could see fairies. But, when I was 6 I did not. I knew the difference between pretend and real, but I could still get VERY caught up inside my imagination, that real life was just something that I would override in my my mind. This, summer party, however, was different. It was very similar to when I would get caught up in my art and drawings. I also did not take my drawings very seriously, because I thought everyone could do that, and also did not think of myself as an artist. It was just a silly or fun thing I did.

In that moment, I sat at the piano, and began to improvisationally play the piano. I did not know how to do this, nor that I could. But, I began to play patterns that repeated themselves or vary on the keys. I just thought I should do that, and I liked the way it sounded.

Then, I felt as tho' I was in another world -a world of fairies! And, fairies all around me!

Time seemed to stop, or speed up.... I don't know... but, I felt like I was somewhere else, and I liked it.

I knew there were other people in the room, and the house, and they eventually became quieter, and even stopped to listen to me play.

But, before I knew it, hours had passed and it was night time. That was a very strange and unusual experience...

But, as I was experiencing this sort of inspired moment that felt magical, and as tho' I was in another world, with fairies everywhere, and all around me.... like something out of Grimm's Fairy Tales, or Elves & the Shoe Maker.... I created this melody.

This is the melody I made.

I was told later, that kids weren't allowed to use the piano, because it was an antique, and because they were too rough with it, but when they heard me playing they thought I was well behaved and respected the instrument.  Strange that I was actually invited to even play it personally...

Not long after I made the melody my grandparents from Lancaster PA came to our house and gave me a very old electric organ.

I remembered the melody and often played it on my electric organ.

I actually collected several kinds of instruments as a child. In the mid 1980s Casio keyboards were very popular with children as a Christmas gift. So, I got one! I played on it so much that some of the keys didn't always work by the 90s.

So, that is the story of the origins of this song....

As for my musical training, I learned to play a recorder in the 3rd grade which I absolutely LOVED! Then, my little brother & I would figure out how to play tunes and melodies by ear, like songs from The Little Mermaid, or Aladdin.

I also formally played violin with my little brother when I was in 5th grade. I kept getting invited to play with the Philadelphia Orchestra, but I thought I wasn't good enough, and my mom didn't want to drive there.


This music has been in my head! It's been driving me crazy.

I kept resisting it, but it was as tho' the music wanted to become something.

So, I kept taking walks on warm days this month, and it kept coming out of my mouth and throat. I thought perhaps I was going mad, or mentally ill! I was really worried! But, the more I protested & resisted the worse it got, like something out of a Sci-Fi TV show episode!
But, once I stopped resisting, and let it out I felt better.

It was as tho' the music was experimenting with its self....

On 1 walk, I was out on the sidewalk near the woods, and I felt terribly paranoid that somebody would walk by me and think I was a crazy lady! This is not a rational thing! So, when the music started coming out of my mouth/throat it was awkward and terrible... but, then I was like: Fine! Whatever! I guess I'm a crazy lady walking by the woods! F@#$ it! And, I just let my voice go...
But, it sounded fine.... and I also felt pretty good....

Perhaps it's just something buried deep in my subconscious or unconscious mind wanting out...

But, the music persisted so much this month that I ended up downloading a piano app to my iPhone and recording it in different tempos.

Then, as the month went on, it became words... the words/lyrics have changed several times...

There seems to be 2 versions of the melody. The fairy version(s) are for my character Lively, and the Dragon version(s) are for my character Djehkäujaa.

Rough Recordings:

Some Possible Working Lyrics So Far:

I The World Of Blue Fairies (Basic Version)

In the world of blue fairies,
In the world of blue fairies,
In the world of blue fairies,
Melodie for dragons!

Dragon Version

Soaring dragons through the sky,
Open your wings and you'll fly,
One with the wind, I soar high,
Liberty for dragons.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Poem Lyrics: Wind

By Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman (Black UniGryphon)
©2016 All Rights Reserved 
Draft Lyrics/Poetry


I am the wind,
The wind that flows freely,
I am the wind that blows me to you.
I am the wind.

Trees and grasses sway,
Song birds sing and play,

Letting go,
To and Fro,
As leaves in the wind,
I let go.

I submit to the breeze....

Bend me to your will like a reed in the wind,
Now the wind and I are one....

Just be....

I am the wind.....


II.) Reprise

It is the wind,
Which has brought me here.
It is the wind,
That blows me to you.

Softly and sweetly,
Boldly and breezy.

I am here now.....

Fertile as the Earth,
Beneath my feet,
Stable as the ground,
And stretching streets.

Flowing like a river,
Vast as oceans and seas,
Rushing like a dam,
That just broke free.

Alive and warm,
As flickering flame,
Etched in my heart,
Is forever your name.

The light within fills my eyes,
And, everything becomes the sky.

We are one with the wind.... 


I think this piece might actually be for Lively.
It has 2 parts, and could probably have more parts if I decided to write them.
I'm not exactly, nor entirely, sure of how I want this one to go.... It's still vague inside of my mind.

Poem Lyrics: Keep On Going

Keep On Going
By Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman (Black UniGryphon)
©2016 All Rights Reserved 
Draft Lyrics/Poetry

Keep on going.... (echoes)
                           Keep on going.... (echoes)      Keep on going.... (echoes)
                                                                                          Keep me going.... (echoes)

Keep on running.... (echoes)
                           Keep on running.... (echoes)   Keep on running.... (echoes)
                                                                                          Keep me running.... (echoes)

Keep on flying.... (echoes)
                           Keep on flying.... (echoes)      Keep on flying.... (echoes)
                                                                                           I keep on flying.... (echoes)

Keep on going.... (echoes)
                           Keep on running.... (echoes)    Keep on flying.... (echoes) 
                                                                                           I keep on flying....  (echoes) 

                           Keep on going........ (echoes) 


The version published on DeviantART is found HERE

This one is still another song/lyrics for Djehkäujaa, but it might be inter-cut with Lively. Lively is definitely in this project/story.

This is another simple piece. It's meant to be more music than vocals. the lyrics are a pattern with variations.

I want this one to be 90s Euro trance style but with some strings like guitars and/or dulcimers or zithers, but very strong synthesizers with ambient and melody parts. It will mostly be down tempo, but still a 4/4 beat is very likely. A lot of reverberation and echoing. It will have a slow intro, and tempo changes in different parts... I want to have a balance of bass or notes lower on the scale, with higher pitch as well.

I am not sure whether I want the vocals to be male or female, but I do not want a deep voice for it.

Poem Lyrics: I Take It Higher

I Take It Higher
By Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman (Black UniGryphon)
©2016 All Rights Reserved 
Draft Lyrics/Poetry

Gotta reach!
A little further!
Gonna reach!
A little farther!

For myself,
Make a conscious choice!
Come on! 
Make some noise!

I jump some more!
Jump off the floor! 

A little higher!
Gonna make it! 
A little higher! 
Time to soar! 

I take it higher!
I make it higher!


Go forth! 
A little Further! 
Reach forth! 
A little farther! 

For myself,
Spun it 'round! 
Come on!
A glorious sound! 

I jumped some more! 
Launched off the floor! 

A little higher! 
Gonna make it! 
A little higher!
And now I soar! 

I take it higher!
I made it higher!

It's also published here on DeviantART.

This one is meant to be more percussion/rhythm based. 
I'm not entirely positive about what I want to do with it... but, I have some ideas...

This one is also for my character Djehkäujaa, but probably in her original dragon form. very highly likely as her original dragon form.