Monday, March 21, 2016

Poem Lyrics: Free Flying Heart (working title)

This month was crazy, and sometimes I kept questioning whether I also might be going crazy...

I have a lot of my creative stuff forcefully coming out of me. It was pretty difficult at times. But, hey, the world is insane... and I guess I'm "doing crazy things" like making art, music, and poetry.... scandalous, right?

The main bulk of stuff spewing out of me is orbiting and flowing from my old screenplay I wrote in 1999, and conceptualized starting in 1997-1998 as a teenager.

I stopped trying to fight this intense bout of either creative inspiration, or utter madness of loosing my mind...

I tore up my house looking for old storyboards and portfolios, as well as stacks of music and CDs, and various other things to make it stop affecting me.

At 1 point I felt myself going mad and weeping because I felt so terrible. Society put this "little thing" inside of my mind to tell me I should be ashamed and embarrassed about these things.... But, then I looked around at Society and saw death, malice, destruction, greed, hubris, strife, unrest, and realized society was COMPLETELY INSANE.

Screw Society... I'm not trying to maim, torture, kill, celebrate guns & bombs and wars, and hurt or destroy the planet and fellow human beings...

So, I think I'll do my "crazy stuff" of art instead.
Me, and my "stupid dreams".

I knew what I wanted for this scene, but I didn't know what song quite fit it, and I also didn;t want to use someone else's song.... and, then, I couldn't stop fighting it, and I also didn't want to cry anymore... then, my hands grabbed my notebook, and a pen, and words started coming out as I could faintly here fragments of flowing music inside of my mind....

After I did that, I felt much better....

Then, before I knew it, I'd written for sets of lyrics...

This was the first one.

I'm not so keen on the title tho'.
It's just a rough draft, concept, work...

I'm pathetically ignorant about composing music... :(

Anyways, I've published it to Deviant Art, and also to my other art blog.

This song is supposed to be for my character Djehkäujaa , the dragon as a humanoid form, while on the deck of the pleasure cruse zeppelin. 

I have a few different versions of it in my mind.

But, I might also want a 2nd small song for this part,because I want to convey/express 1 mood, then a change, and I think 2 different songs would be better...

I want this entire part to be electronic, but with dubbing, and 4/4 beats. I would also like it to build up to the final part... which ends on a more somber tone, and you can see this poem/song/lyrics has 2 different parts/segments. But, these 2 segments are 1 composition.

It's not set in stone, yet, tho'....

(Some vintage Storyboard thumbnails)

Free Flying Heart (working title)
By Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman (Black UniGryphon)
©2016 All Rights Reserved 
Rough Draft Lyrics/Poetry 
(Also on DeviantArt)

I dreamed I was the wind,
And a Part of the sky,
And then when I awoke,
Remembered I once could fly.

What do I do?
What have I done?
Foolish and selfish mistakes!
Careless and empty! -thinking it's fun!

I am the obstacle of myself,
Find a way to overcome me!
Somehow I can reach it,
My heart wants to finally fly free!

I miss you,
All free in the sky.
I miss me,
That part of me longs to reach up high!

I've been stuck being down,
Solve this puzzle somehow!
And untangle my wings to fly back up!


Feet un-grounding, and leaving the floor,
Good-bye to the underworld!
Wind one with me, I'll start to let go!
Now I feel my wings unfurl!

Let me stay forever among you!
Forever the clouds and sky!
Keep me always with you!
Never let us say good-bye!

Good-bye...... (echoes)
               ........good-bye..... (echoes)
                                      ..........good-bye....... (echoes)

                                                 Bye-bye-bye-bye.............. (echoes)

When will I be ready?
When will I be done?
When will it be finished?
               All I can do for now is observe you all.
               Fly away,
               Into the setting sun..........

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