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The First Unicorn Horn Girl Artist On The Internet EVER: Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman

The First Unicorn Horn Girl Artist On The Internet EVER: Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman

Hi! I'm Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman-Wang AKA "Black UniGryphon" AKA "BlackUniGryphon" AKA "ZBlackUnicorn", A.K.A. 烏獨角獸, A.K.A. 任思麒.

I've been going through my old sketches, and THIS right here was THE FIRST EVER depiction of a women/girl with an "alicorn" (the correct term for the horn of a unicorn) on her forehead.

I've been using the internet since the early 1990s, and we even got our first home computer the Apple Macintosh Power PC 6200 in 1994, in Mount Laurel NJ.

Since we first got our computer at home I already KNEW how to use the internet at school, and knew what a web browser, and a search engine were. generally, back then, we used various search engines, type in "key words" and klick search. I used: E-World, America Online (AOL), Web Crawler, and tons of others. I didn't start to use Yahoo until 1996 or 1997.

I LOVED UNICORNS! The only thing I loved as mush as UNICORNS back then was Star Trek, X-FILES, Marvel Comics, Kung Fu movies, and TECHNO (or synth pop).

I also remember when was a new company. They only sold ONE ITEM: BOOKS. Then, one day they started to sell CDs!!!! *gasp* Including imports... some of them... otherwise u had to show at Tower Records.

I graduated High School in June 1998, went to the Philly UARTS, the to AIPH and graduated in May 2001 (before September 11th 2001).

So, let's put this into perspective, I KNEW every single Unicorn community whether English, German, or in Countries where people spoke multiple languages. I KNEW the webmasters, I knew the communities, the webpages, the "web-rings", boards, etc... I KNEW all the young artists, and Generation X people, and the younger ones coming up at the time.

If there was something NEW coming out, I KNEW about it.

But, there is NO ONE whom can claim to be the first one EXCEPT FOR ME. It was me.

I also ran my own groups... I think my E-Group might still be somewhere on Yahoo... among other thing yahoo gobbled up n dismantled... Geocities, etc...

I created all kinds of graphics too.

Also, back in the day, people did this stuff for fun, and NOT FOR MONEY. What a concept! People also didn't fight, they got along, talked things out, and followed rules... we also shared EVERYTHING.

Back in the day I went by the Alia "ZBlackUnicorn", "BlackUnicorn" or "EbonyUnicorn".

Yes. It is true. I am the original.

Eventually I got sucked into Furries/Anthos because I was obsessed with Dragons & Gryphons also!

I think my VCL gallery is still up under "ZBlackUnicorn" if you want to have a look.

So, I did a ton of art and graphics all over the internet, including unicorns, Gryphons, and techno fan pages.

2002 remake: 

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