Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Poem Lyrics: Wind

By Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman (Black UniGryphon)
©2016 All Rights Reserved 
Draft Lyrics/Poetry


I am the wind,
The wind that flows freely,
I am the wind that blows me to you.
I am the wind.

Trees and grasses sway,
Song birds sing and play,

Letting go,
To and Fro,
As leaves in the wind,
I let go.

I submit to the breeze....

Bend me to your will like a reed in the wind,
Now the wind and I are one....

Just be....

I am the wind.....


II.) Reprise

It is the wind,
Which has brought me here.
It is the wind,
That blows me to you.

Softly and sweetly,
Boldly and breezy.

I am here now.....

Fertile as the Earth,
Beneath my feet,
Stable as the ground,
And stretching streets.

Flowing like a river,
Vast as oceans and seas,
Rushing like a dam,
That just broke free.

Alive and warm,
As flickering flame,
Etched in my heart,
Is forever your name.

The light within fills my eyes,
And, everything becomes the sky.

We are one with the wind.... 


I think this piece might actually be for Lively.
It has 2 parts, and could probably have more parts if I decided to write them.
I'm not exactly, nor entirely, sure of how I want this one to go.... It's still vague inside of my mind.

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