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Blue Fairy World Melody (demo) MUSIC

The Story of This Melody/Song:

The basic story is this:

When I was 6 years old, in the 1980s, my family had moved to a new house in Mount Laurel NJ (from Willingboro NJ to Levit Town PA, then to Mt. Laurel) . That summer our neighbors, Mr. & Mrs. Blue has a summer party. It was sometime either the end of June or Early July, and they often invited tons of their relatives that I can recall. they were about 80-90 years old. I don't specifically recall.

During that party I went inside the house and was playing with the kids, and then I think it was a man, asked me if I wanted to play on the piano. I actually didn't know how to play. But, when I looked at the piano it was like a magical moment, and I felt as tho' the piano was calling to me. So, I immediately went over to the piano and sat down.

I had a VERY wild imagination as a child, that it was REALLY A HUGE PROBLEM in school, and when I was very very little I thought I could see fairies. But, when I was 6 I did not. I knew the difference between pretend and real, but I could still get VERY caught up inside my imagination, that real life was just something that I would override in my my mind. This, summer party, however, was different. It was very similar to when I would get caught up in my art and drawings. I also did not take my drawings very seriously, because I thought everyone could do that, and also did not think of myself as an artist. It was just a silly or fun thing I did.

In that moment, I sat at the piano, and began to improvisationally play the piano. I did not know how to do this, nor that I could. But, I began to play patterns that repeated themselves or vary on the keys. I just thought I should do that, and I liked the way it sounded.

Then, I felt as tho' I was in another world -a world of fairies! And, fairies all around me!

Time seemed to stop, or speed up.... I don't know... but, I felt like I was somewhere else, and I liked it.

I knew there were other people in the room, and the house, and they eventually became quieter, and even stopped to listen to me play.

But, before I knew it, hours had passed and it was night time. That was a very strange and unusual experience...

But, as I was experiencing this sort of inspired moment that felt magical, and as tho' I was in another world, with fairies everywhere, and all around me.... like something out of Grimm's Fairy Tales, or Elves & the Shoe Maker.... I created this melody.

This is the melody I made.

I was told later, that kids weren't allowed to use the piano, because it was an antique, and because they were too rough with it, but when they heard me playing they thought I was well behaved and respected the instrument.  Strange that I was actually invited to even play it personally...

Not long after I made the melody my grandparents from Lancaster PA came to our house and gave me a very old electric organ.

I remembered the melody and often played it on my electric organ.

I actually collected several kinds of instruments as a child. In the mid 1980s Casio keyboards were very popular with children as a Christmas gift. So, I got one! I played on it so much that some of the keys didn't always work by the 90s.

So, that is the story of the origins of this song....

As for my musical training, I learned to play a recorder in the 3rd grade which I absolutely LOVED! Then, my little brother & I would figure out how to play tunes and melodies by ear, like songs from The Little Mermaid, or Aladdin.

I also formally played violin with my little brother when I was in 5th grade. I kept getting invited to play with the Philadelphia Orchestra, but I thought I wasn't good enough, and my mom didn't want to drive there.


This music has been in my head! It's been driving me crazy.

I kept resisting it, but it was as tho' the music wanted to become something.

So, I kept taking walks on warm days this month, and it kept coming out of my mouth and throat. I thought perhaps I was going mad, or mentally ill! I was really worried! But, the more I protested & resisted the worse it got, like something out of a Sci-Fi TV show episode!
But, once I stopped resisting, and let it out I felt better.

It was as tho' the music was experimenting with its self....

On 1 walk, I was out on the sidewalk near the woods, and I felt terribly paranoid that somebody would walk by me and think I was a crazy lady! This is not a rational thing! So, when the music started coming out of my mouth/throat it was awkward and terrible... but, then I was like: Fine! Whatever! I guess I'm a crazy lady walking by the woods! F@#$ it! And, I just let my voice go...
But, it sounded fine.... and I also felt pretty good....

Perhaps it's just something buried deep in my subconscious or unconscious mind wanting out...

But, the music persisted so much this month that I ended up downloading a piano app to my iPhone and recording it in different tempos.

Then, as the month went on, it became words... the words/lyrics have changed several times...

There seems to be 2 versions of the melody. The fairy version(s) are for my character Lively, and the Dragon version(s) are for my character Djehkäujaa.

Rough Recordings:

Some Possible Working Lyrics So Far:

I The World Of Blue Fairies (Basic Version)

In the world of blue fairies,
In the world of blue fairies,
In the world of blue fairies,
Melodie for dragons!

Dragon Version

Soaring dragons through the sky,
Open your wings and you'll fly,
One with the wind, I soar high,
Liberty for dragons.

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