Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Old Vintage Rough Sketches n Doodles of Djehkäujaa 001

Let's be very clear about this: There are not 2 Djehkäujaas, there is 1! 

Djehkäujaa is a DRAGON! 

See? She's a DRAGON!!!! 

But, then she screws up REALLY BAD... and THEN she's a Humanoid!

Actually, she looks just like a human, and smells very much like one, and there's actually a number of VERY FUNNY indirect things because of that!

Even tho' I DO NOT intend this to be a comedy, there's several FUNNY bits in the story, all about her!

For one, her name is Djehkäujaa... but, most people can't pronounce her name correctly!

So, not only does she hate being a human, and looks so much like a human, but the humans can;t pronounce her name! She gets REALLY MAD!

OK, for English speaking people It sounds like "Jeh-koy-yaa"

See the double "aa" at the end of her name? That is a Looooong held vowel.

But, for many Germanic language speaking people, they can ALL pronounce her name correctly! ^_^

If you've EVER taken basic lessons in standard High German (Hoch Deutsch) then you WILL be able to pronounce the name, ;P

It's kind of a parody of my own name (Kandice) since people often mispronounce it when I'm in other countries, or in America, people often my write my name and spell it some other way. In Germany, NO ONE AT ALL could pronounce my name, not in Nederland! SO I had to write my name like this: Kändiß or Kändiss... but, even when I wrote it THAT WAY the "i" as they pronounce it would become "ee" like Kandeess... or they would call me "Ken-diss".

Literally, my brother, father, and grand father are named Ken! WTF!?

And, in China, kandice becomes "Kan de si" which means "Able To Hack To Death".
Oh, great! :-/

Then, that was changed to "Kai di se" which kinda means something like "Hey! Fetch me some silk, yo!" or something...  But, I don't like THAT because in German "Kai" is a MAN'S NAME!!!!!

After reading a number of Chinese novels, and watching untold numbers of Kung Fu movies, and Chinese daytime & prime time soap operas... I was like Screw this!

I need a Chinese name. the Ming Zi standard kind. Not this dumb creepy or dorky foreigner sounding name.

So, my ACTUAL Chinese name is 任思麒 Ren SiQi.  There's a whole long story about that also....
AND, I'm SURE u can't pronounce it either!  LOL! XD

It's also a name I can use in other parts of South Asia, including Japan, Korea, and Indonesian areas where they use written Chinese, but all pronounced totally differently.

Another funny thing is her wings and tail...

Well.... she doesn't always have them..... she also doesn't know why.... (I do, tho')

When she first becomes a humanoid, she still has them, but they "burn away" like acid... Poof!

She's, of course, devastated & traumatized by this.... BECAUSE SHE'S A DRAGON.

But, then, they randomly can come back, painfully, and just pop right up... often at THE WORST MOMENTS... so, there's some comedy in there...

When Djekäujaa is a dragon, she's so free spirited that she's reckless and careless. But, as a Humanoid she's SO EMO, glum, depressed, or stern, because she's SO DEVASTATED, regretful, humiliated, and lost. Like grief within grief.

Also, she was never supposed to be among humans, and was originally very curious about them, but being stuck as a humanoid form is so revolting to her, because she thought so highly of herself as a DRAGON. And, she will tell you: I AM A DRAGON!

However, being stuck as a human form, means she must adapt... and, altho' she resents it at first, knowing dragons SHE LIKES SHINY THINGS! ....oh... and SHE Starts to get a MAJOR SHOE COLLECTING FETISH!

So, more and more, she starts to take on a lot of characteristics of a human woman, like going CRAZY for SHOES!

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