Saturday, February 14, 2015

Smashing Hearts!

So, on a morbid note, I have no idea why, but on the past few years I've had this gleefully morbid thing I do: drawing smashed n broken hearts in February... I guess it's because Saint Valentine's day is very commercialized, and I;d rather do stuff for my kid, that even tho' I like Romance, and Romantic things or ideas, I sort of hate Valentine's Day.

So, I have a cheeky, bratty, smart-alec part of me wants to come out..

Here's Vince & Andy (Erasure) smashing a HEART! LOL!

For my daughter, I made this ULTRA SIMPLE heart which u can also share on Deviant Art if u wanted to...

Anyways.... It's Chinese New year, and we're more stoked about that rather than Valentine's, but my mom bought everyone some T-Shirts in Fort Worth... she's a sweety lately.

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