Thursday, February 5, 2015

More "Lively", Related Inspirations, and Personal Anecdotes in 2015

More "Lively", Related Inspirations, and Personal Anecdotes 
Back when I first started this blog, I had a a whole stream of consciousness plan, outline, in my head that was flowing like crazy, and I couldn't move fast enough to keep up with it all. I have so much to say, and so much in my mind. Then, when 2014 hit, I scattered all over the place, between jobs, interviewing, speculative investments, conferences, pressure, stress, government budget problems, healthcare, taxes, and insane people all vying for my attention.

So, I'm trying to go through my older entries to see what I missed, and where I left off.

In case you missed anything, I did mention sexuality, but nothing inappropriate or vulgar, and no porn. But, you will need to read through the entries to find them. They're recent in the timeline.

Wizard World Madison Comic Con
I think I didn't explain the whole "Black Unicorn" symbolism yet... I know I wrote quite a bit about Dragons, which I think I could still write more about. But, I don't think I wrote about the Black Unicorn Theme, and also where the Black UniGryphon, and Gryphon/Griffin connections came in. And, I don't think I commented on "The Matrix" which I utterly loved!

That's good because Chinese New Year is coming up... and there's some Chinese Zodiac tie-ins with that....

Is it related to "Lively"? 

Yes, of course, to me it all is. 

Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.

Don't fret, I have plenty more things to write about, and tell about. I'm surprised at JUST HOW MANY folks read my blog posts here. I have the stats. And, even the stuff I barely plugged at all, often about my more personal tell-alls is among my most read entries.

Also, last year I got several private comments of people confessing that they not only read all of my entries in this blog, but couldn't wait to continue reading more... especially my female readers. Some of whom were my old buddies from the LJ days, but also followers/friends on Twitter.

Men, and especially young male readers, actually ALSO read this blog. Surprise-surprise?
I also have a LARGE international audience. A huge chunk of that demographic are men from Islamic nations/cultures. I still am NOT racist, nor prejudiced to Islamic folks. All kinds of peoples are welcome here, so long as they are not hateful, trolls, or spammers. But, I also have a trend in "atheists", and New Agers. 

If you want to leave a comment, or ask a question, don't be afraid to do so. 

Also, I have 2 new blogs!:

I've been rebuilding THIS website, as well as my other ones. I have several new affiliate ad revenue contracts now. So, my incentive to publish more frequently is there. I also hope to use this blog in connection with each other. Altho', I'm finding that YouTube has started to block this blog from streaming their videos. I have no idea why. However, my other blogs stream videos just fine.

If you enjoy reading about my personal content, like my tell-all anecdotes, you will also like my new Bohemian Blog: Boho BlackUniGryphon. Just sayin'... If you want to view any of my other blogs, check the side bar for my Profile "About Me" and klick the "View my complete profile" to find all the other blogs I author.  

If you would like me to co-author your blog with you, let me know. I'm not saying I will. But, I'm open to possibility if you wish to add me to your blog, or group blog. If you're too much of a pushy jerk or slave driver, or too unavailable, aloof, or flighty it's also gonna be a no.

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