Thursday, February 5, 2015

Men, Art, Attraction

Last year, 2014, was an incredibly hectic year. I know I had a flow going here... but, I forgot it. But, I still have so much to say, express, and share. that's the point of art...

So, let's go!

Since my last posts were about men, and sex, and all that lovely art stuff.

I think I might share some artwork by an artist i like whom does some really nice "beefcake" Bishonin & Wuxia art.

This is a Chinese artist using that Nom De Plum:
"Hei Se"

Altho' her artwork is often very flat, and she can;t draw dynamic figures, and tends to do more simple basic run-of the-mill poses, I do like her compositions, and color theory.

I really like men, even tho' dealing with men is frustrating, and often can be demeaning. Generally, it's not so much a man's looks that really matter to me, but some things turn me off entirely. I DO NOT LIKE beards or mustaches AT ALL, EVER! PERIOD. It turns me off. Cigarettes also turn me off. And, I HATE HATE HATE thick black nerd glasses, if you could choose a better more flattering pair, if you MUST wear them. And, men that don't brush their teeth.

Yet, I don't like shaved body hair. Keep your chest hair, and your pubic hair PLEASE. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND men that shave their legs, balls, armpits, and chest... but have an Osama Bin Laddin beard.
However... I do find sideburns to be actually attractive. I don't know why.

As far as the kinds of hair which attracts me, of course it's dark hair, but I also like curly, or long hair. But, it doesn't matter. I do not like shaved heads, like skinheads, but naturally bald doesn't bother me. It's just nature.

I am mostly attracted to highly intelligent men, especially if he is more intelligent than I am, especially if his IQ is higher than mine. If he can out think me, and he's right, I just feel an incredible gravity, in which case his looks matter for nothing to me so long as he has no Osama beard, or disgusting mustache.

Then, there are the cultivated, refined, men of self control... I also find this attractive. This can be more attractive if the man is older, like the classic Zhuge Liang.

This is probably the only exception to the beard thing. I think Chinese sages are attractive. But, I have also been to Taiji classes instructed by very cultivated elder statesmen which I found secretly so arousing... but, kept it to myself.

Then,  there are the creative men, poets, musicians, DJs, programmers, artists, comedians. These are more robust, and expressive, by also have an emotional side that is more free, or liberated, and like the emotional sides of women, and have a respect for their mothers... at least, the mature ones do...

That also makes me think of Li Bai, but he verged too often on his naughty side at times, and overdid his drinking.... I like to drink, but adicts are things I must avoid.

I don't like homebodies, rigid or strict men, monotonous, boring, bland men so much... I don;t like anti-social people, nor people that have trouble having fun, being honest, or straightforward.  I think it's always better to have a balance. I like a person whom can "be in touch with their inner child", but isn't a fool, that is overly immature... yet, at the same time, doesn't equate 'maturity" to being stoic, strict, and overly religious or self righteous in a negative way.

I like Heroic personalities, probably because I am like that, like the very informed activist or advocate, people whom speak up in the midst of injustice, and protest, or do something about issues that matter. I like respectful people, but also people whom have self respect, people whom do the right thing BECAUSE they feel & understand cognitively that it is so, and can explain why that is, and NOT because they think it makes them look good in front of others, nor because they are paid to behave like they do in a scripted manner.

I also prefer people whom do acts of kindnesss, or charity, because it;s who they are, and it's inside their hearts, not because they want to leverage it later, or expect, or demand, something later on in return.... because then, their motive is the wrong one.

I especially like philosophers, or contemplative, philosophical people, not so much a person whom can just sling rhetoric like a Sophist, or lawyer, just for sport.  And, I like teachers, or masters of something that teach, whom are patient, thorough, and caring yet can also be firm like a true Alpha Male. And understand life in the gradient of all the shades of gray, not the binary dichotomy of only black & white.

But, I think I like men to be men, and not men to be a woman... if that makes sense....

I quite enjoy the Ancient Greek, and Italian Renaissance depictions of sculptures depicting the male human figure.

There are so many kinds of men, and I like so many.

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