Sunday, August 10, 2014

Macross Inspiration

I don't know what inspired you the most. But, yes, I am incredibly inspired by the Old Disney fairy-tales, and American Comics & SciFi, But, Macross Plus is so lovely.!

I know this is a blog about my OC, Lively, but there's so much meaningfulness to this film.
Recently, I came across a review in which someone claimed that whole reason for making the Macross Plus project was kind of like a "middle finger" to the production of "Macross 2". Allegedly, the creator saw what a piece of trite crap it was and became motivated to create something of high quality, like a masterpiece. Altho' people in the 20th century would utterly laugh at the idea of anything Anime as being a masterpiece, but this one is just a cut above.

But, this guy explained that's WHY there's a film version and a Mini-series version, as well as an "International Version" (AKA the English language version).

This doesn't fall too far out of line with some Japanese personalities, whom value how they are persevered to others, or have an honor/shame culture. I lived in China several times, so the idea that a Chinese person would be bothered by loosing face with his/her art or creation is quite a real thing, so for a Japanese artist to have a reaction like that, and they're considered even more staunch than in China, it does sound believable.

Allegedly, the mini-series version was to show how the creator REALLY wanted his vision portrayed, even with a simple story in a series style. Then, re-cut & even some audio re-recorded in the Film version with different music.

When you watch either the film versions or the mini-series versions (and I've seen several versions of them) it truly does have a cinematic look & feel. They really took their time on this with gorgeous story board layouts, and the use of colors. The cinematic detail is epic.

They really did lots of homework & research on creating it. They studied photography compositions, and mimicking lenses like wide angle & fish-eye. The background pans are incredible, and use of light. The colors are incredible. 

This film also came up with the virtual idol concept (Sharron Apple) which literally inspired "Vocaloid" which is a singing computer program. The Vocaloid creator allegedly came up with it in 2000 when inspired by the 90s film.

This film has inspired quite a number of other things, so I've heard. It was also cutting edge in it's day in it's use of blending 2D + 3D. And Macross/Robotech was ground breaking for it's 1st interracial cartoon marriage on TV, as well as several other things the fans proudly point out.

Compared to Macross 2, which is utter crap, this is leaps & bounds above. So many folks love Akira, but for me, this is just SO MUCH more above & beyond.

Macross & Robotech are known for their integration of music, like Min Mei. But, this is just so different. It also integrated the sounds & feel of the 1990s, including New Age sound, techno, and pop music. There's a track that sounds similar to George Michael. Or the slow ballad "Voices" which is so very very 90s.

Anyways, there's a new box set, that's ONLY available in Japan (but if u can afford it you COULD possibly get one online, somewhere, IF u can even find one for sale).

I wish "Macross Frontier" was available as well. Because that was excellent as well.

Here's some lovely fan art I found:

Macross Plus Memories by ChristianKaw on deviantART

Sharon Apple of Macross Plus the movie .fancel. by escafan on deviantART

Sharon Apple - Macross Plus by yayacosplay on deviantART

Anyways... my New Year's resolution was to watch more Sc-Fi. And, I've done lots of that.
Start Trek, Macross, and several TV shows like Terra Nova, The 4400, and Continuum.

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