Thursday, April 28, 2016

敖兴涛 Áo Xìngtāo Chinese Name Characters & Development

兴涛 Áo Xìngtāo 
Chinese Name Characters & Development

I've spent quite a lot of time, effort, and development on this character, and I think he's coming along nicely. I'm still trying to work on developing and finalizing his look for probably a long while.

I think I would like to go with a long face/skull look, like the sage/zheren/scholar old cultural look, but I don't think I will keep him with long hair throughout the story, and have him cut it. (Sometimes in the cinema the nerd stereotype Asian is the long face/skull type but with glasses)

I also still want his skin to change, like winter pale, and summer tan.


I've been getting more positive feedback on this name than I was expecting. I was seariously dreading getting a lot of spiteful hateful people.

Coming up with this name was such a difficult task!

I spent a long time working on these Chinese calligraphy names graphics:

Here's some stuff I was playing around with in the winter time. This character is actually NOT Lively. It's just my IMVU avatar.


So, anyways, I think he's rather exciting! 

Here's some inspirational styles of artwork, but I'm doing my own thing. Watch out, tho'! It's kinda hot & steamy! 

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