Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Musical Moods For A Dragon

There's quite a good chunk of music from the mid-late 1990s that I feel very much fits the moods I'm going for... however, I want the music to be new and original, yet within those old styles...

The majority is electronic, but I also like some Tribal Fusion....

There is an album by Scooter called "Wicked" which really inspires a lot of the stuff for me... (among a number of other marvelous albums from that time period)  but, I don't want my project/product to be a Scooter project. I want it to be Kandice's project.

Scooter is also 3 men, and yet my project is feminine.

I also like the music by Yoko Kanno in Macross Plus, which is unlike the music in any other Macross projects/films/series.

Yoko Kanno is very diverse in her music styles that I am often supersized to find a song I like only to find out later that it was by her. Her music is so diverse and eclectic.

I like a LOT of German stuff. This is one of those bands/groups that was really innovative at the time, and at 1 point did a whole album in classical music.

I do also like Blümchen (Jasmin Wagner) whom was my ultimate favorite in the 90s! But, I feel much of her music is more of a mood for Lively than for Djehkäujaa:

There's also a 90s album by Sarah Brightman that is quite lovely, and I also like the moods in it as well.

I also like the newer take on stuff, like Tribal Fusion. I really like Stellamara, and their Devotional Musical styles as well as their remixes, altho' they aren't 90s.

I am quite enamored with this lovely device: Roland Bassline 303 vintage (no longer in production). When it first released it was about $400 and now if you can get one, even a broken one, it costs THOUSANDS! Nothing else quite has THAT SOUND.

And...... I always wanted one of these KORG KAOSS Pads!

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