Friday, April 15, 2016

Stirring Dragon [Poem] by BlackUniGryphon

Stirring Dragon
By Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman   "Black UniGryphon" TM
©2016 All Rights Reserved

Hear the sound of my soul,
See the color of my heart,
Feel the light within,
Know the truth without,
Be the motion and lift up.
Ascend the stairs.... 

If there is a dream in my heart,
Make it so......

Sleeping dragon,
Cozy in the dark,
A sleeping dragon,
Slumbers inside my heart. 

The tail does twitch,
And, head does wake,
With wings unfurling a flight to take! 

You can also find this poem published to DeviantART in my gallery HERE.


Earlier this week, I was on this creative HIGH, euphoria... and a lot of stuff was just happening. I actually jotted this one down as it came to me, and forced myself to go to bed. there could've been more, but it was almost 4AM. I also totally FORGOT I wrote it... like amnesia... really weird! I had trouble getting to sleep many times this week, because I kept having music, or poetry happening in my mind.

Then, by mid day on Wednesday it just stopped. And, I was incredibly moody. It was not pleasant either, nor could I explain it.

When I went back to check my notebook, it was like reading the poem for the first time, but after I read it 3 times, I remembered everything. Really strange!

I've never experienced anything like this.

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