Friday, July 8, 2016

Djehkäujaa Singing Song Fragment via Snapchat

I did some rough doodles of Djehkäujaa today since the weather got cold (yes it's JULY) and my internet is NOT working correctly!

Here's The Rough sketches:

Then on Snapchat, they have a feature that allows you to superimpose a facial image over your face. SO, I accidentally tapped it, and it automatically put Djehkäujaa there! I actually really liked it, so I did a rendition of her singing the dragon song I wrote for her in my story/film/motion-picture.

The original demos of the song (my vocals):

Original rough demos of the song/melody via iPhone synthesizers:

©2016 Copyright 
Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman

 I don't particularly care for my vocal for Djehkäujaa. I think my vocal is more for Lively than her.

Actually, I would prefer a vocal more like the beloved late Melanie Thornton or Melodie Sexton. I also like Rozalla.

Melanie Thornton (vocals):

Melodie Sexton (vocals):


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