Friday, May 9, 2014

A Few Words About Akara

I suppose I ought to say a few words about Akara. I don't even recall how specifically I found the band... just that it was another one of those thing where I just let go, and find myself unexpectedly flowing there from 1 thing to another, and being presently surprised.

The composer is very artistic and I really loved the videos i stumbled across when he was trying to raise the funds to produce his first album/opus. And, altho' I REALLY like his taste in art, among other things, he's kind of snobby to me, and ignores my comments, but would socialize with other fans.   Why? I have no idea... maybe he's just a brilliant mad genius diva. *shrugs*
Whatever, u know how rockstars & musicians are.

And, it's NOT like he has very many fans, and he's rather off the grid for the most part as a novelty. But, the music is good. Anyways, not to throw him under the bus, or anything... I'm sure he's probably very busy, or consumed with several things....

But, what I like about this band is that has some 80s feel to it like he's a Jim Hensen 'The Dark Crystal" fan, and even has a song called "Gelfling". He incorporates neo-tribal & bohemian esthetics, new Age, and Spiritualism, as well as the 2-step beats from Dub-step. Incorporates a full orchestra with digital DJ equipment, and so on. He's been to Burning Man, and other great festivals.

It also reminds me of some old 90s animes like "Sharon Apple" from "Macross Plus", or other Macross or Sci-fF films with made-up languages, and dreamy words, and motifs...

Not bad, huh? The female vocalist, Femka, is a Grammy winner, also.

So, Waht do ya think? Weird, whimsical, dreamy, fascinating, inspiring?

I like it!I was listening to it for New Year's Eve. I hope someday, I might create my own special somethings as well in a bigger budgeted project as well... only, with my own stuff. ;)

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