Friday, May 9, 2014

The Dragon Flies: I Found This Techno Rave Video That is SO ME!

This is what happened to me last night:

This might sound strange (to a non-artist) but, sometimes when I want to FEEL something, like inspiration, it's like I do this thing... this something... and I just kind of put my intention out there, that I would like to find something that will match what I feel, or what I want somehow... I'm sure it makes zero sense to a non-artist, but it's been going on often in my life...

Back in the winter 2013/2014 I came across this band "Akara" which really "vibed" with me, but with a very whimsical, bohemian, fantasy kind of vibe... if you catch my drift... So, for Christmas time, and winter, I was very inspired by that, and it gave me hope, especially since I'd been working on something important, which has constantly been pushed back & stuck in an eternal pending mode, needlessly... and quite unfairly...

It had this kind of dreamy, whimsical, New Age, Bohemian, fantasy feel, with tribal & rave & orchestra (and I used to play classical violin music as a kid, so you know me)... but, then, my vibe sorta made this switch as spring approached despite the never ending snows... and I got sucked into a flow of my own yearning... and, then I stumbled back onto Discogs, and I went INSANELY NUTS for my techno! I found lots of RARE 1990s Hi-NRG, Eurodance, Happy Hardcore, and all that lovely stuffs!

So, I went nuts acquiring several tracks online, and setting up playlists on my iTunes or my WinAmp. (Yeah, old school! I know!) I actually call those my "techno binges" because it's like I don't know when to quit... so, I actually have to ban myself from getting too much all at once, because I can't possibly sit through I enjoy them all to the fullest... And, I save the links so that when I've had my fill, and want to find more on a later date, I can pick up where I left off...

Not only that, but it seems like looking into old lost 90s techno (which was an underground thingy back then, mostly) has a new resurgence these days. And, I'm NOT just talking 303-Acid. I mean just like me! Finding the RARE out of print vintage records, discovering stuff that never went main stream dance charts... and I even got obsessed with finding the late Melanie Thornton lost tracks that was more well known for her "La Bouche" band, and died during her solo career in 2001 in a plane crash. That's what really triggered my new obsession back, yet again, into my techno...

Techno music is like my first and only one true love (artistically). I can live without sugar, candy, alcohol, drugs, sex, etc... as long as I still have my music. And, I gotta tell ya, I CAN'T live without my techno! NO WAY! NO HOW!

I think that's the ONLY thing I've listened to too since about Feb, other than some new Agey Stuffs, and Akara... and also Beats Antique's new recent albums.

I went on this job interview thingy in which I had to "shadow" this chick, and she played techno the whole time in her car, because it was this door-to-door-salesman job, even tho' they lied and said it wasn't... so, once I realized there was ACTUALLY a radio station AGAIN, FINALLY, in Boston that played the latest techno, and even some old stuff from the 90s, I was like: OMFG! TECHNO!

And, I have it on my car radio now!

Anyways...... like I was saying, back to the whole looking to be inspired thingy.... which takes me back to LAST NIGHT... so, I went to "Akara", which has been alot of inspiration for some of my dreaminess, and artwork, and so on, that would take forever to write about, and I started to search on YouTube to see if they had any new video footage, or whatever... well, they didn't... So, I just sorta let go, thinking with a very strong intent to hopefully FIND something new, or different, or unexpected, that would just delight & surprise me! Something that was SO ME!

And, after clicking whatever thumbnails for videos that caught my eye, hoping for some kind of techno I was fiending for... I saw something!

It said "The Dragon Flies"

So, I klicked it, and the rest is History!

Is this not SO ME or WHAT????

I sware I didn't make it!I don't even know them!

But, it's VERY ME!

I LOVE IT!!!!!

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