Sunday, October 30, 2016

Drawtober Sketching Practice n Character Development

Rough Concept Character Development
Many times this month I kept having strong urges to sketch, draw, or practice, and #Inktober & #Drawtober were a very popular thing this year way more popular that previous years. I didn't really have time to do #Vlogtober this year either even tho' I'm studying video at UMASS this Fall.

I was researching quite a bit of Mongolian stuff for some parts regarding Djehkäujaa's story line. But, I wanted to practice more anatomy, which I haven't always been able to do, but I was practicing trying to draw some stylized art, and practice my skills because I wanted to develop Ao Xingtao more. I haven;t really settled on his final look yet, but I often feel like I'm getting there.

When I was practicing male human heads I often felt I was getting close, and I didn't want to go to sleep.

So, I was trying to study some stuff from Hogarth, whom is amazingly good, but it wasn't really helping me do what I personally wanted to do. I also often referenced some work by Heise. And, some various actors or models online.

At some point I actually started looking for classic animation model sheets, and that was the best idea I'd had all month! Google had WAY more stuff than they'd available half a year ago, and I found so much good materials! I actually prefer animation artists' way of doing things, breaking stuff down,... well duh, I'm an animator at heart... so, that makes sense! 

Oh my! I especially loved all the Sinbad stuff! I just nabbed anything I could find on those! those were crazy good! And, those actually REALLY helped me out a lot! I want to focus more on structure, shapes, and form anyway. I also got other characters' model sheets from the Sinbad film! Yowsah! I haven;t seen that film in such a long long time! What a fun and sexy looking character! Right? 

Meh! I need to practice more!

Somewhere in my doodles this month some other content kept coming out of me, and it was on my mind, even tho' I was enjoying the Mongolian research, which I still want to find more stuff on, and I haven;t been back to Mongolia since 2008 briefly where I almost died of streptococcus in May. I was healed by relatives/in-laws of mine whom were all multi-scholars of not just Western Medicine, including the Russian versions and the Western European forms, but also were multi skilled experts in Chinese traditional medicines (there more than just acupuncture in case u didn't know) as well as their own personal studies... It also snowed, even tho' it was nearly June and all the crops had already been sewn. They also could talk to birds, and were friends with wild creatures... I kid you not. Many of the relatives were also incredibly tall due to high protein and calcium in the diet, and yes I ate copious amounts of MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT and all kinds of dairy products including platters of cheeses and many kinds of yogurt anything and everything dishes and beverages.

Anyways, Mongolian tangent aside, I doodled stuff I wanted to develop, or at least set into images and design concept that had been in my mind for years.

I originally did this one a short while go:

And then I wanted to go further with it. And develop it more, and test out how it looks, how I want to depicted... still not totally there, but getting closer... probably because I still need to practice and improve my skills.

I've mostly drawn, or depicted this character as more pleasant, and romantic, but actually in the story he starts out rather scary at times, and is often impetuous. He often screws up, and does the wrong things at the wrong times, is brash, selfish, rude, arrogant, impulsive, insensitive. He's not always this way, but it just happens. His feelings override his ability to think clearly, and he doesn't think things through, which is messed up because he's actually very intelligent.

He will also be going through some changes and in a weird twist he will end up too strict, conservative, and in many ways the opposite polar end of this... that won't last forever either.

But, for my own life, I often found many men whom would grope me, or girls I knew, often when no one was around. I personally hated being treated that way.

It's different if someone is giving you attention you want but also WHEN you want it, and WHEN its appropriate. I find that usually younger men can't understand this, and in some older men whom have pushed and pushed and gotten away with all kinds of wrong doings they actually don't view view you as a person, but as a thing, and don;t have the ability to empathize, or feel empathy for you at all.

Altho' he's guilty, there's a kind of innocence with youth... but, Lively won't have it. So, she resists him when he's disrespectful, or tells him off. She has mixed feelings about him because when he's in his better side or moods he's so likable, and they flirt like crazy, but he often overdoes something, or becomes consumed by his feelings for her, like a brute or a brat. He's also very intense, and physically forceful, and he often regrets his impulses, yet also has trouble understanding her reactions when they don't go as he assumed they would.

She is actually quite taken with him, and if he'd just calm down, and adjust his pace just a little, it wouldn't have been a problem at all. But, his lack of self control often pushes her away, hurts her, frustrates her, annoys her, and aggravates her. She's also in denial about her feeling for him, which are still developing because he's so rude, impulsive, brash, and impetuous at times, that it forced her to rethink whether he's likable at all, or worth her time. yet, whenever he lets up, and calms down, and stops trying so hard she can't help liking him so much because he's very funny, and fun, and also very handsome.

I do not know if nor when I'll be fully able to work on more with this, since I have a project due on Thursday for my video class, then I have a final. And, everyone seems to have some dire issue, like my daughter almost dying, my daughter getting sexually harassed and assaulted, killer flu, the US VP in town screwing up traffic for days, multiple injuries to myself, government paper work, doctor appointments, hospital appointments, 911 calls, ambulances, minor fights, and tons of other crap that just turns up EVERY FRIGGIN' WEEK!

So, whatevz...

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