Sunday, October 16, 2016

Impetuous Xingtao n Lively Sketch 敖兴涛

Concept Art: Rough Sketch
敖兴涛 Ao Xingtao grabs Lively frightening her

 浮躁敖兴涛抓住 Lively
 急躁, 急性病,愣头愣脑,孟浪,卞,鲁莽的,欲望,要,

Since its October, that means the ever popular #Inktonber, only I don;t really care to use inks all the time (altho' I did do a butterfly yesterday) I felt several urges to sketch between working on my video project(s) for UMASS in my Video Workshop. But, then I found out through a child of my friend, whom I also somewhat view as a little friend (but getting BIG n tall) n friends' with my daughter, that #Drawtober was a thing also! #Vlogtober is also a thing, however, I'm unsure as to whether I will do it this year, or not.

Anyways, this was the first thing I actually intentionally used #Drawtober for.

I'm rather torn, since I quite enjoy video editing, and shorting video, as well as photography, and I apparently also like editing audio since I've done lots of it lately. But, I often find I wish to sketch, but since it's fall now, every second counts on good weather days, plus I'm borrowing the equipment from UMASS which often needs to get returned within days.

If I start sketching now, I won't stop.... but, I figured I'd blog this before I forget.

I'm still sorta developing Xingtao, so he's still not completely set yet. 

At first, Xingtao is actually VERY SCARY at times, often impulsive, impetuous, brash, and inconsiderate. One of those instances of smart intelligent persons whom do completely stupid things, act without thinking, foolish behaviors, self sabotage. 

I still want younger teen aged Lively to have a number of male interactions. But, this guy will weave in and out. She won't really like him at first, and be interested in other guys. But, these 2 will get into a lot of flirtations, fun times, antics, and more. However, he can't often cope with his own intensity, because he's a very well liked person by so many folks, but his feelings for Lively will be a huge monkey wrench in his gears, that he often can't deal with properly, or correctly, and will comepletely screw things up. 

I think every girl has experienced the over zealous guy whom can't contain himself, or looses his self control, and on a whim disrespects the boundaries on his own selfish whims and impulses and also doesn't understand why you're reacting not in the way he wants.  

Here's what I wrote on Deviant Art when I published this there:

Lively: It scares me when you do that! 
Ao Xingtao 敖兴涛: My feelings scare me too.

Well, Xingtao is kinda scary at first. Despite bold flirtations between them, at times his emotions get sudden, and abrupt, and he's impulsive, brash, and acts without thinking. In the front of the theater by the parking lot, after work, after dinner with coworkers, they are walking to their cars, and after everyone has already driven off, as they walk to the other end he brashly grabs Lively and pulls her close to him.

It's utterly uncalled for, and inappropriate, and frightening. He's so overcome with the intensity of his own selfish feelings, longings, and desires that he doesn't realize he did the wrong thing, even after her frightened reaction. The totally wrong move in such a  WIDE OPEN situation, and so vulnerable. All of the security guards had already left the theater as well.

Too fast! Too sudden! Just because flirtations were going well earlier didn't make this the right time to do something that dumb, and thoughtless!

Trying to stay composed, yet still overwhelmed and frightened, Lively resists Xingtao, even tho' he's pulling her close to him.
The exact wrong thing! Bad move!
She liked you so much just a while ago, and now you go and pull a stunt like this? Idiot!

Lively, altho' nervous, and panicking, stays as calm & composed as she can, but begins pulling away, and listing a number of reasons as that she must leave.

She's not a thing, and not an object for you to use at your whim, and whatever it was you desired she definitely doesn't want anything to do with it now... and she'll try to stay a distance from you now... probably won't walk alone with you again...

Idiot! Why do you do these things? She actually liked you, and you're hot & sexy. You're so smart, but so stupid! Tactless! Clueless!

But, before long..... by a week or so, they'll be flirting all over again...
Maybe you'll get it right some day, you idiot!

If you'd just calm down, she'd melt all into you, the gravity and magnetism is already there.

I would like to develop this, and these interactions a lot more.

I've still never finished working on some stuff with Djekäujaa, but also I'm still working on my skills (if I have time) and still thinking up catsuit designs for Lively.

I have other concept designs for Xingtao later when he's older. , with the long hair.

i also wish to have the interactions with Xingtao to be the sexiest, but also a mixture of some of the strangest, and also most fun parts as well.
He's the most likable, yet the most infuriating, perplexing, but also he will have an aspect of mystique (which can be aggravating) because he can't entirely remember his past... or should I say, he can;t remember his past correctly, and had different identities as different roles in his life... he becomes so absorbed into whom he is in this world and life, and ambitions, that he doesn't even think the same way he once did as his original self....

He rationalizes this to himself, but also others view him apologetically, as being a foreigner as the excuse as to why he's odd at times.  It's similar to how adopted children, or kidnapped children, often completely forget their life before, and who they were, and become fully absorbed into their new identity, new life, and even entirely new personality... only to come to a shock when they start to remember things that don;t make sense, or are presented with the sudden, abrupt reality of being someone else, or that they had some other life way in the past.

I also want him to have a slight clash, but not so much, here n there with Djehkäujaa. Those 2 will never become intimate, because Djehkäujaa is, despite being highly sexy n desirable in her humanoid form, completely celibate. Djehkäujaa is a dragon through n through n feels no such attraction to human beings, at all, ever. Xingtao has the strange feeling that Djehkäujaa is somehow familiar to him, but unsure. But, Djehkäujaa scoffs at this idea. However, she will start to sense something about him also....

Ao Xingtao is all about Lively, even tho' he often flutters off into oblivion....

I would like him to start to become more mature, towards the end, but he will unfortunately become a bit rigid in some ways, because that's what happens to most men. He will eventually decide he actually wants to be a lot closer and more solid within Lively's life, and regrets all of his foolishness regarding her, and wants to completely be with her, pushing away any other men.... and despite her skepticism, he starts to sweep her off her feet hard.

The ultimate ending will, of course involve the main antagonist villain... Xingtao will of course be involved, because he's all about Lively now, and I will write it to make it seem as tho' Ao Xintao will be most likely to seem to be the victor, or hero... however, he will fall short by accident. NO, he's NOT the HERO.

Lively is actually a much stronger character, and just when you think she's the victor. NO! Not Lively! Djehkäujaa is! Because Lively & Djehkäujaa will have become like best friends.

Despite all of the surprises I have in store for Xingtao. Djehkäujaa will have ALL of the best ones, but they will come at towards the end. Xingtao's will be sometime past the middle.


I have one more surprise about Xingtao which is somewhat inspired by a very well known, and very creative, hoax done by a well known French artist of 2 mummified women found on the Moon, and the fake Apollo 20 Mission.

It's just the right kind of weird, much like "Eyewitness" my other story of Lively, that I'm looking forward to it. 

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