Monday, June 17, 2013

Lively And Experimenting With Anime Styles

What is Anime anyway?

The word pretty much just means "animation".

And, "Manga" is just the word for "comic book" or even a "graphic novel"...

But, "Anime" evokes a certain image in your mind. It's Japanese, but all over Asia, people do styles of cartoon art that has a certain look or feel to it. But, there's no 1 specific look necessarily.

I think most people, if you asked them, they would say "Japanimation!" Ha!

As I said, I used to HATE it in the 90s. I liked it in the 80s tho... I loved dorky shows like: Voltron, Tranzon Z, Unico... but, then when I learned about Disney, I got real snobby... it's true... Sorry...

I also, REALLY HATE English dubs!  I prefer to watch ALL films in their original languages, with subtitles.

Another thing to point out about Japanese versions of cartoon & comics is that they often just break rules. You can see some parts in high quality, fully done art, super detailed, very hard work. Then, turn the page of a manga and find lots of unfinished, or roughly drawn slacker drawings... sometimes, it's even done on purpose, not necessarily because they're lazy.  The animated work can go through the same things.

It reminds me of much of the movie content from Hong Kong as well. All just smashed together, high quality this, then crappy sketch skits for 10 min in the comedies... or odd anticlimactic skits in British comedy, like Monty Python or Benny Hill.

But, like I said, that all changed when I watched "Macross Plus".

The characters didn't ALL have the same face, or bodytype, and even changed their clothes. The character designs were beautiful, and the stories were very good. There was quality, innovation, morals, and more.

Other notable anime favorites of mine are:
"Macross Frontier", the series & the movies.

Neon Genesis Evangelion
(all of them! The series, the mangas, the films. Brilliant stuff!)

Personal Goddess by ~BlackUniGryphon on deviantART

"Mononoke Hime" (Monster Princess, or Princess Mononoke)
Which is a very bloody yet Disney-like anime film, of very high quality shot on a 2s frame-rate (yes I'm speaking Animator). Which makes me VERY happy.

And most especially a film often called

"Spirited Away" (Also shot on 2s)

These animes have a wide variety of parts that cause the viewer to undergo the emotions of the characters, which range all over the place, from the very sentimental, to very disgusting, misfortune & frustration, and observe the characters try to maintain their inner goodness, whiles others are brats, or megalomaniacs.

They also deal with themes such as battered women, abuse, neglect, altruism, innocence, persons with mental illness or are emotionally damaged or traumatized. Also, these particular favorites of mine have very good endings.

When it comes to most Asian films, movies, and TV shows, I find they often lack the ability to have a good ending, most notably with the way they do endings for tragedies, unlike Hollywood which has it down to an art & science, and has several variations spanning several decades.

 As for experimenting with styles of anime, myself, I sometimes did it with Lively, but other times I used a  Humanoid version of my "Black UniGryphon" (Vallour Nikee) Fursona as a Goddess (a whole other story), because that character is also a shape-shifter.

Personal Goddess by ~BlackUniGryphon on deviantART

When I experimented with Lively in an anime, she mainly wanted to go onto the page in a Romantic styles, like a Romance Novel, but Anime-ish.

I would find peices of art by actual anime/manga or Japanese artists, and deside to try something like it, and it would come out as Lively, usuallly.

Kneeling Goddess by ~BlackUniGryphon on deviantART

Inspired In Spirit by ~BlackUniGryphon on deviantART

Maiden Beckons Unicorn Color by ~BlackUniGryphon on deviantART

The Flow of Romance Alternate by ~BlackUniGryphon on deviantART

Lovers Embraced by ~BlackUniGryphon on deviantART

I would also like to get more into Lively and men... but, I think that's another blog entry for another time...

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